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Lorikeets, Lories, Honeyeaters, Wattlebirds, Sunbirds & Hummingbirds.

Lorikeets and honeyeaters, unlike other birds, have a brush like tip at the end of their tongue.  This brush tongue is an adaptation for gathering pollen, nectar, manna, honeydew and lerp.  Lorikeets and honeyeaters also include fruit and insects in their diets. They obtain essential protein and fatty acids from the pollen or insect component of their diet and carbohydrate from the simple and complex sugars found in nectar and fruit. 

Featured products in this section are:

Passwell -  Lorikeet Dry Food                                                              

Wombaroo -   Lorikeet & Honeyeater Food                                     

 Vetafarm -  Golden Lori Dry Nectar


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