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Presentation: Powder (duo sachets): Each sachet is sufficient to make up 2L of solution. 


When To Use: A non-antibiotic supportive treatment for scouring or dehydrated dogs, cats, calves, pigs, lambs and foals. A suitable first feed for bought-in calves or stressed calves and pigs. 
Dosage and Administration: Add the contents of section A and section B to 2L of warm water. Stir until dissolved. Feed the quantity prescribed; refrigerate the remainder for next use. Prepare fresh solution daily. If quantities less than 2L is required, add 1 level spoonful of powder from section A to 3 heaped spoonfuls of powder from section B: gives 500mL. For even less quantities, halve again. Continue treatment for one to two days after the animal appears clinically recovered and is feeding normally.

Lectade Sachet (Part A and B)

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  • Ingredients: Glycine, citric acid, potassium phosphate monobasic, potassium citrate,sodium chlorid, glucose.

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